Xebex Titan Guillotine Add On
Xebex Titan Guillotine Add On

Xebex Titan Guillotine Add On

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Expand the versatility of your Xebex Titan Guillotine Half Rack. The Xebex Titan Guillotine Add-on is an outstanding conversion kit that enables compatible 3"x3" guillotine racks to facilitate rack pulls and use safety spotters for bench work.


- Compatible with 3"x3" Guillotine Rack (not compatible with 2.5"x2.5" Guillotine Racks)
- Dual workout compatibility: additional pull-up station and squat rack
- Full cage appearance (for those who prefer it to an open rack)
- Harness the secure feeling of squatting in a full cage with minimum movement once your bar is unracked
- Additional room for plate storage on back peg bars


- 2x 7'8" Height uprights
- 2x Square crossbars
- 1x 32mm Pull-up Bar
- 4x Triangle plates for connecting back uprights and crossbar
- 2x Solid spotter pins
- Hardware for assembly

The Titan Guillotine Half-Rack Conversion Kit comes with 2x Solid Spotter Pins that will be compatible with the Xebex Titan Guillotine Half Rack.

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