Xebex Squat Rack - 2 Piece

Xebex Squat Rack - 2 Piece

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Easy to move, convenient to store, and more.

Compact and affordable, the Two-Piece Xebex Squat Rack was designed for easy transport and storage, but also reliable stability. Each upright features a wide base to provide your bar secure support. A lower, secondary set of arms serve two important purposes: They open the door to different lifting options and enhance an already compact storage design.

You can easily set the ideal rack height for whatever kind of lift you're doing - ranging from 3'1" to 5'7"


- Hole Spacing: 2"
- Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
- Main Tube Size: 50x50x2mm
- Tube Color: Black
- Minimum Height: 44"
- Maximum Height: 66"

Recommended for home usage.

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