Xebex Squat Rack - 1 Piece

Xebex Squat Rack - 1 Piece

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If you like your "economical" durable and your "durable" economical, here's the squat rack that brings it all together.

The Xebex Squat One-Piece Rack is a great option for the home gym or light commercial setting. It features wider bar holders to better keep your barbell securely in place. The surface of that bar will be well-protected from scratching, as each bar holder is padded for frequent racking and unracking. You can quickly adjust the height of your uprights by removing easy-to-handle metal pins and metal inserts then re-inserting them at the height that gives you the optimum lift for your training. Your safety is further protected by rubber pads mounted at each corner to prevent slipping.



- Upright Tube Size: 2" x 2"
- Hole Spacing: 2"
- Minimum Height: 36"
- Maximum Height: 66"
- Footprint: 38" x 48"
- Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

Recommended for home or very light commercial usage.

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