Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike – ABMG-3
Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike – ABMG-3
Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike – ABMG-3

Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike – ABMG-3

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Up for an extra-challenging ride? The Xebex AirPlus Performance bike takes the company's already challenging Air Bike technology up a few notches. AirPlus Technology allows you to toggle through eight resistance levels – all of them bringing Xebex's revolutionary air resistance system into play: the harder you push, the more resistance Xebex's impressive flywheel throws back at you. However, as you go up in gears, you'll be working against magnetic resistance as well (the "Plus" in "AirPlus"). 


This patent-pending advancement means you can push your strength and cardiovascular training that much further and set even higher targets for weight loss, muscle tone development and more. That's only the beginning of what this outstanding bike has to offer:


Effective for Any Ability

The broader selection of resistance settings goes BOTH ways. Younger, older and newer users can actually start at a less demanding level than the standard Air Bike offers. Go-hard elite athletes will have more of a challenge going up in resistance and more control over the cool-down as they gear down.

  • Levels 1-2: Lighter than our standard air bike resistance. Good for light warm-up/cool-down, endurance training, and young/elder athletes
  •  Level 3: Standard air bike resistance
  •  Level 4-5: Heavier than our standard air bike resistance. Novice level hill climbs, good for power and cardiovascular training
  •  Level 6-8: Heaviest levels. Expert level hill climbs, power training, burn more calories per hour with higher watts.


Full-Body Workout 

Pushing, pulling and pedalling activate your arm, chest, back leg and core muscles. Higher levels generate greater watts, quickly burning calories in an advanced full-body workout. You're always in control of the intensity, with easy-to-read labels on the level-selection lever and your selected AirPlus level clearly displayed on the console. 


Easy Transport and Storage 

Two oversized wheels on the front stabilizer make for effortless, roll-away convenience.


Built to Last

The Xebex AirPlus Performance bike is more robust than competitors – with more durable moving parts, including chro-moly cranks, sealed cartridge bottom bracket, and sealed ball-bearing cartridges at every joint. Xebex Air Bikes employ premium technology. All crank bolts are inserted according to precise specifications (consistent across all Xebex bikes) that ensure bolts won't loosen with regular use. Meanwhile, a new handlebar linkage bushing features a universal ball joint, facilitating the lateral movement of an intense workout. The result is a rock-solid, heavy-duty bike that's ready to take all you can give. 


Measure Performance and Progress

This bike's features are designed to exceed expectations – starting with a large console specifically designed for functional training. Pre-set and custom intervals aid your HIIT training while you keep constant track of your time, distance, and heart rate targets. You'll also see wattage generated and calories burned, both calculated according to your AirPlus resistance level (also displayed). You get eight key measurements – Total Time, Work Time, Calories, Distance, Watts, Speed, RPM, and Heart Rate – on one screen. 


Set up Custom Interval work, Rest and Number of Rounds in less than five seconds. You can easily switch to your preferred unit of measurement, be it metres or miles and toggle between max and current readouts. Your targets are displayed as a countdown, motivating toward reaching your goals. An easy-to-read summary shows up when you've completed your workout. 


Easy Assembly

With only seven total parts - Front and Rear Stabilizers, Console Stem, Handlebars, Pedals, Seat Post and Seat – this bike goes together quickly. With instructions and necessary tools provided, you're looking at 15 to 30 minutes' time. 


How does it compare to other Air Bikes?

Thanks to the Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike's wider range of variable resistance, athletes can set specific goals (general health improvements, weight loss, muscle tone, etc.) while training for strength, cardiovascular fitness or several combinations of both. Magnetic resistance on top of natural resistance generated by the flywheel allows users to increase or decrease the intensity of their workouts in more precise increments. 


That expanded range can help a user weighing around 60 kg to burn an average of 57% more calories/hour using resistance level 8 over level 1. Similarly, wattage output increases by nearly 76% on average. 


  • Net Weight: 51.92kg (109 lbs)
  • Ship Weight: 53.92kg (119 lbs)
  • Ship Dimensions: 127x28x89 cm (50x11x35 in)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 122x65x133 cm (48x26x52 in)
  • Footprint: 122x65 cm (48x26 in)
  • Max User Weight: 159 kg (350 lbs)
  • Warranty: 5 year frame, 2 year parts
  • AirPlus Technology: Wide range of resistance to burn more calories, suitable for warm-up at lowest levels and increasing intensity at highest levels

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