TuffStuff Single Station High Low (AP-71HL)
Upright row
Kneeling ab crunch
Standing arm curl
Core rotation
Reverse woodchop
Kneeling woodchop
Deltoid raise
Tricep push

TuffStuff Single Station High Low (AP-71HL)

Regular price $2,999.00
• Multi-purpose High/Low pulley station offers virtually unlimited cable exercise potential
• Counter-balanced roller style pulley carriage offers single hand adjustability
• Dual handle pulley carriage allows bilateral and unilateral exercises
• Custom 1:1/4 cable ratio and ball bearing pulleys provide smooth function and unrestricted cable travel
• 200 lbs. steel weight stack
Dimensions: 40"L x 37"W x 84"H (102 x 94 x 213 cm)
*photo shown with AP-70RP Rear Post - SOLD SEPARATELY

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