TuffStuff PXLS-7950 Super Rack

TuffStuff PXLS-7950 Super Rack

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The Pro-XL Sports Performance Rack Systems and Platforms are specifically designed to have a common basic frame structure and configuration that will allow interchangeability of modular components, features and accessories.

The Pro-XL's modular design allows you to select from a variety of options and features to custom design a gym to fit a particular training regimen or strength conditioning program. The structural cross-beam assemblies with welded corner brackets provide durability, easy installation and assure the equipment to function smoothly under the constant heavy use of today's athletes. Striking design elements, superior biomechanics and modern aesthetics blend seamlessly to create a line of racks and platforms.

 This Power Cage is uses the 7930 Cage and adds on a Half Cage at the back facing backwards. Features include: Safety Catches and racks adjust in 3" increments, double sided racking system,Plate Storage, multi-grip chin-up bar, Heavy Guage stainless steel J-Bar Hooks limit liability and loss

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