TuffStuff Power Cage (CPR-265)

TuffStuff Power Cage (CPR-265)

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TuffStuff provides a quality, top-of-the-line Power Cage that is stable, strong and ready for you. With dual bar catches on the front upright, you can face in either direction for your lifts and exercises. The safety spotters are easy to adjust with a lever action pull-pin release. It can be used with benches and is great for any squats, lifts or presses.

TuffStuff Power Cage is Ready - Are you?


  • Free standing double-sided racking system built for safety and variety
  • Dual bar catches on the front upright allow user to face in either direction to perform the exercise
  • Lever action pull-pin release provides fast and easy safety spotter adjustment\
  • Designed for any free style squatting, lifting or pressing and can be used with benches
  • Option: RDA-329 Dip Attachment
  • Option: RHL-305WS High/Low Pulley Kit with 200 lbs. weight stack

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