TuffStuff Multi-Purpose Bench CMB-375
TuffStuff Multi-Purpose Bench Leg Hold Down Support
TuffStuff Multi-Purpose Bench Optional Leg Developer
TuffStuff Multi-Purpose Bench Optional Preacher Curl Attachment

TuffStuff Multi-Purpose Bench CMB-375

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Play all the angles in your free-weight workout.

The highly adjustable TuffStuff Multi-Purpose Bench (CMB-375) features an independents seat adjustment, leg hold down support and seven angled back pad settings, taking you from a decline to a flat bench to a fully upright position. That range makes this light commercial adjustable FID bench is ideal for a wide variety of upper body dumbbell and free weight exercises, including bench presses and military presses.

Also known as the Evolution Multi-Purpose Bench, this bench is part of TuffStuff’s innovative Evolution Series – representing the company’s five-decade commitment to quality control. All concept-to-prototype development, testing, refinement and other engineering and design processes are carried out in TuffStuff’s Chino, California facility, resulting in greater product customization, faster turn-around and the ability to set new construction, functionality and feature standards for home consumers and commercial facilities alike.

This bench works well by itself or inside a power cage, half-rack, or smith machine, where it makes the perfect platform for barbell workouts. You can also expand your exercise options by adding the optional preacher and /or sit up-friendly curl leg developer attachments. An accessory storage option is also available, while a built-in handle and wheels come standard for easy rollaway storage after your workout.


  • Designed for many bench exercises - high level of adjustability - from decline to full upright position
  • Accepts optional RLC-385 Leg Developer and RPA-316 Preacher Curl Attachments
  • Includes leg hold-down and support
  • Built-in handle and wheels for easy roll-away
  • Footprint: 64 x 31 x 50 in/163 x 79 x 127 cm

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