TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
Ladder Station
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System
TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System

TuffStuff CT8 Functional Trainer System

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The TuffStuff CT8 Functional Training System is commercial quality and will be a popular piece in a functionally-oriented training facility. You can customize your system with combinations of the 8200 series modules, which include: Medicine Ball Rebounder, Adjustable Step-up/Stretch, Battle Rope, Kettle Bell, and Heavy Bag Modules. Take it up one more notch and outfit your custom Functional Trianing Machine with any or all of the 8300 accessory stations, which include: Press/Squat Racking station, Multi-Trap Training Boom, Olympic Bar Landmine, and Dip Handles. Based on your budget and preferences you will have the perfect machine, equipped with storage, for you and your facility. The CT-8 Functional Trainer has an unlimited capacity for functional training in a compact, space saving design.

• Built for work and play, the monkey bars, fat grip chins and parallel suspension bars create a platform to develop upper body and core strength.
• The adjustable horizontal bar station can be used for assisted push ups, pull ups and extended flexibility training.
• Adjustability gives old school ring movements a new school twist working balance and endurance on a series of dynamic body weight applications.
• A smart pegboard supports core stability, arm strength and upper body endurance while doubling as a high re-bounder.

You first start by choosing the Basic system or Elite system.
Next you add on a minimum of 2 Modules from the 8200 series (and up to 4 modules if you go with the Elite system)
Last you decide what accessories you want to customize your trainer with from the 8300 series line.

Basic System - CT-8000B
The Basic System comes standard with monkey bars, olympic rings, a peg board, and 1 set of pull up bars.
Accomodates a minimum and maximum of 2 of the 8200 Modules.
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):
82 x 177 x 117 in/208 x 449 x 297 cm
Weight: 1085 lb/492 kg
* may vary depending on modules & accessories selected

Elite System - CT-8000E
The Elite System comes standard with all the features of the Basic (monkey bars, rings, peg board, 1 set of pull up bars) PLUS you get an extra set of pull up bars for a total of 2, ability to add up to 4 modules from the 8200 series, and extra weight capacity, depending on the modules you choose.
Accomodates a mimimum of 2 and maximum of 4 of the 8200 Modules.
Dimension (Length x Width x Height):
126 x 177 x 117 in/320 x 449 x 297 cm
Weight: 1350 lb/612 kg
* may vary depending on modules & accessories selected


• The Medicine Ball Rebounder works core, coordination and overall cardio endurance.
• The 28'' diameter bounce platform is fully adjustable for a complete variety of exercises.
• Perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced movements, the medicine ball rebounder is also effective for rehabilitation and mechanical development exercises.
• The storage rack acts as a backstop while keeping your workout space clean and organized.

• The step up station is one of the most versatile modules on the rack. From simple step exercises to explosive plyometric routines, legs, glutes, core and cardio conditioning explode from this platform. The landing surface is textured for a safe and secure usage from all three angles.
• The fully adjustable step can be set for all performance and acceleration levels. Or it can be removed completely to create easy access to the stretch ladder.
• For flexibility the ladder can be approached from inside or outside the CT8 to accommodate multiple users in a class or gym setting.
• Includes Step Platform Storage Rack

• The battle rope station is unique to the CT series. Shoulders and arms burn through a favorite of functional training fanatics.
• Battle rope exercises develop real world strength from the hands through the upper body, core, legs and back.
• The fat pin positions on the CT are fully adjustable for different start positions and different resistance points.
• Every module comes standard with double welded lower loops for even more training options. Attaching stretch cords and Stroops allows your clients to work speed, agility and lateral movement with ease.

• Kettle bell training forces the entire body to perform functions that build strength while engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
• Used for strength training in Europe for decades, the kettle bell is a ball of iron with a handle, that has steadily gained popularity in fitness centers across America. Kettles are easy to handle, simple to engage and effective for class or individual use.
• Kettle muscle integration works lower body, upper body, coordination and strength at the same time with dynamic routines that deliver dramatic results.
• The multi-tiered rack also keeps your kettle bells, smash balls, medicine balls and small dumbbells organized and ready for action or storage.

• The CT Series is the only multi-use rack with a full size heavy bag option. Built tough to handle an 80 or 100 pound heavy bag without dominating the rest of your functional training system, cross trainers and self defense enthusiast will appreciate this addition to their routines.
• Boxing, kickboxing and self-defense inspired movements generally require integration and develop lean strong muscles trained in motion. The heavy bag is an addition to your fitness options that just draws attention. People look at a heavy bag, smile, pull on their gloves and get to work.

• The CT series can accommodate a full Olympic Squat and Bench Press station for those centers that want functional training but have a need for more traditional applications. Classic straight bar movements are never out of style. The station comes with dual racks for weight storage and the lower loops can be used to add stretch cord resistance.

• The popularity of strap and suspension-based training has taken the fitness world by storm. The CT series sports a multi-strap training boom that can accommodate the versatile CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight trainer.

• Challenge your whole body in with rotational moves using the 8330 Landmine Option. Perform explosive 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic-size bar (not included) into the pivoting sleeve.

• The CT series offers dip handles you can add to your custom functional trainer so nothing but your own body weight is pushing you to your next level.

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