The Grid Foam Roller
The Grid Foam Roller
The Grid Foam Roller
The Grid Foam Roller

The Grid Foam Roller

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Grid Colour

Forget everything you've ever known about traditional foam rolling - The Grid is here, and it's going to take foam rolling to a whole new level. The Grid features Distrodensity Zones, Matrix Technology and an environmentally friendly design. Being only 13" long and 5" in diameter, the sleek design of The GRID foam roller makes it an excellent travel companion.



"Green" technology

  • Constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers

  • Designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down

  • Built from EVA foam

The Matrix & Distrodensity Zones

  • Unique design allows for targeted massage:

  • Find the Distrodensity Zone that best suits your needs

  • Distrodensity allows for a more realistic massage experience

Core body workout versatility

  • Use The Grid to achieve a comprehensive core body workout

  • From crunches to bicycles to pushups - use it to challenge core muscles

  • Incorporate it into daily workout routines
  • Compact; travel with it and workout anywhere

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