SportsArt UB521m Upper Body Ergometer

SportsArt UB521m Upper Body Ergometer

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Designed with every user in mind. Unique features like low starting resistance, multiple angle adjustments, smooth belt-drive operation and bi-directional resistance make the UB521m a perfect fit for any exerciser, of any ability, in any setting.

From steel welds to breakthrough technologies to grueling test practices,...SportsArt Fitness is the most reliable, best built, money can buy. Period.


  • Bi-Directional, Adjustable Crank – Gradually increase range-of-motion radius with settings of 6.5”, 7.5”, 8.5” and 9.5”.
  • Rotating Display - The console rotates 85º for easy viewing, regardless of body position.
  • Low Starting Resistance – Levels 1-20 adjust in 0.1 increments, ideal for rehabilitation.
  • Adjustments - Not only is there shock-assisted seat height adjustments but the body position angle adjusts 73º – making handle positions comfortable for seated or standing users.
  • Removable Seat - For wheelchair or standing users.


Seat: Removable Seat. Shock Assisted Height Adjustments. Angle Adjusts 73 Degrees.
Display: Dot Matrix Display with LEDs.
Readouts: Workout Level, Calories, Time, RPM, Distance, METS, WATTS, Speed, Heart Rate, & Target Heart Rate.
Programs: Random, Hill, Track, Iso Kinetic, Iso Strength, & Cardio/Weight Loss.
Heart Rate Programs: Custom HR.
Custom Programs: Custom Interval.
Additional Program Features: CardioAdvisor™.
Additional Console Features: ActivZone™ Icon. Console Rotates 85 Degrees.
Resistance Levels: 20 Resistance Levels. Adjust 0.1 Increments.
Cranks: Bi-Directional, Adjustable Crank. Radius Settings: 6.5”, 7.5”, 8.5” & 9.5”.
Power: 120V Power Supply.
Max User Weight: 500 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 69" L x 32" W x 55" H - 75" H

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