PRx Performance Talon Locking Collar (Black)

PRx Performance Talon Locking Barbell Collars (Black)

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Barbell workouts don’t get any easier when you have to stop to replace collars that easily loosen. Until now, that situation has forced you to either break your rhythm and waste a full head of steam or hope that your uneven, unbalanced weight plates don’t slide off your bar before you complete a potentially scary set.  

The PRx Performance Talon™ collar puts an end to all that with a patent-pending solution that’s so simple and ingenious, it looks like magic. If you have two seconds – one to put it on and one to take it off – you can put that magic to work for you.  

The Talon’s designers started with a simple list of desires. They wanted something athletes could quickly apply and remove with one hand. And once this collar was on, they wanted it to stay on – no loosening, no slipping. Their innovative solution employed a cross-curve steel strap and cold-welded grade N52 Neodymium (rare-earth) magnets. Then they covered all of this with a flexible non-slip surface for added grip and longevity.   

These collars must be seen to be believed – rigid bars one moment, instantly flexible straps the next - wrapping naturally around a barbell. With one quick pull of a fastener, your talon is secured to your bar, holding tight and steady even if you drop it. Despite its tenacious, unshakable grip on the bar, it takes only 1 lb of force to remove each talon - and Presto! It’s rigid again. That same magnetic magic makes storing them a breeze – they just stick to your weight rack. And while you change plates, your Talons can literally “stand around” magnetized atop of your barbell, always within handy reach.   

Looking after your PRx Performance Talon Locking Barbell Collars 

If your Talons should happen to slide, it’s likely all they need is a quick cleaning. Just moisten your finger under running water then use it to moisten the grip side of your talon. To wash, squeeze one drop of liquid dish detergent on your finger and run it along your Talon.  Rinse it under lukewarm water, let it air dry and store it in an open position. 

CHOKING HAZARD -- WARNING: This product contains small magnets, which could stick together across intestines if swallowed, potentially causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Keep this product out of the reach of small children.  



Dimensions: 6.8 x 1.5 x 0.1 inches

Weight: .5 pounds

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