Progression Xplode Zeus Olympic Bar
Progression Xplode Zeus Olympic Bar

Progression Xplode Zeus Olympic Bar

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There's no feel like stainless steel. The quality of your lifting experience has a lot to do with how long and how often you choose to train. The Progression Xplode Zeus Olympic Bar provides a unique grip that's easy to get used to - thanks to its stainless steel construction.

The advantage lies in stainless steel's impressive long-term resistance to the corrosion that can impact other bars, due to room temperature/humidity, sweat, blood or even the chalk you use. A stainless steel bar doesn't require a chrome, zinc or ceramic coating. Layers of these coatings don't have to be very thick to fill in the valleys of your knurling and diminish your grip. The Zeus allows you to feel the grip as it was tooled in the factory - neither too aggressive (sharp) for a comfortable handhold nor too passive (dull), causing hand slippage when you least want it to happen.

Dual knurl marks on this bar guide you to the ideal spot to apply that perfect handhold - whether you're performing powerlifting squats, deadlifts, and presses or the snatch or clean and jerk lifts of Olympic weightlifting. If it's the latter, you'll find the 86" length and 28 mm diameter provides optimum whip, the flex and spring-like straightening of a lifted bar, which gives you a burst of momentum as you raise it overhead. You'll also get a boost from the smooth roll of your regulation Olympic sleeve as it comes up. Tiny needle bearings and a stainless steel bushing are at work inside the collar, creating an easy rotation that allows your weight plates to cut through the air like a saw blade.

Thanks to the natural corrosion resistance and longevity of stainless steel, the Zeus bar promises many such comfortable lifts for a long time to come.



Total Bar Length: 2200 mm/86 5/8”

Bar Diameter: 28 mm/1 ¼”

Bar Weight: 20 kg/44 lbs

Total Sleeve Length: 443 mm/17 7/16”

Outer Sleeve Length: 413 mm/ 16 1/4”

Maximum Weight Capacity: 680.4 kg/1500 lbs

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