Progression Xplode Sissy Squat
 Progression Xplode Sissy Squat

Progression Xplode Sissy Squat

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Looking for an exercise that specifically targets your quads? The Progression Xplode Sissy Squat isolates your quads by anchoring you in a position that eliminates your natural tendency to let the glutes do the work. This could also be the perfect “head-to-toe” exercise – helping you balance the development of your left and right anterior and posterior chain muscles.  

While this sissy squat is designed to maximize results, it also minimizes discomfort. By supporting a proper exercise form, it lets you have the quad burn you want without the knee pain you don’t. Meanwhile, the built-in push-up bars feature a neutral grip to save you shoulder strain.  

Your workout is made even more comfortable by pads you can adjust to meet your height and other requirements. The calf pad can extend from 16" up to 20" from the foot plate, while the foot roller can adjust from 5" up to 8".  


-Adjustable calf pad (5 heights) 
-Adjustable foot anchor (4 positions) 

Dimensions: 45"L x 18"W x 24"H 
Weight: 63lbs

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