Progression Xplode Club Series PFX870 Half Rack
Progression Xplode Club Series PFX870 Half Rack

Progression Xplode Club Series PFX870 Half Rack

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If you think a half rack is a half measure, behold this monster and quake!

With no less than EIGHT chrome bumper plate +sized storage posts, the Progression Xplode Club Series PFX870 Half Rack is literally bristling with opportunities for you to build a physique worthy of its imposing shadow. It’s 11-gauge, 3” X 3” frame provides you with club-grade support, and with its zinc-coated 15/16” hardware and powder-coated finish, it’ll be standing behind you for years – catching tons of weight whenever you want to – or need to – get out from under it.

If you do overestimate what you can lift, you can’t overestimate what the PFX-870’s rock-solid J-cups and spotter arms can take off your hands. Laser-cut holes and numbers make it easy to be sure they’re level, and you can count on a safe, even set-down of any overloaded bar.  Throw in a likewise sturdy pull-up bar, and you’re set for a variety of leg and upper body-building exercises like squats, presses, shrugs, lunges and chin-ups.  It’s big workout potential that still takes up less space than a full rack or cage and leaves you feeling less surrounded at a more affordable price.

If you like a wide-open space ahead of you and durable, dependable support behind you, the 870’s twice the half rack you might have imagined. It’s an excellent equipment choice for any gym or home gym.



  • Laser cut holes (50 mm spacing) and numbering system
  • Charcoal powder coated finish
  • 11 gauge (3 mm) steel 3” x 3” (75 x 75 mm) frame
  • 24 mm zinc coated hardware
  • Eight chromed bumper plate +sized storage posts
  • One pair of J-Cups with polypropylene guards to protect Olympic bars
  • Must be bolted to the floor in a club setting
  • Two safety spotter arms
  • Single pull-up bar & cross beam
  • Accessories sold separately


  • Dimensions: Height: 93” Width: 50” Depth: 63”
  • Weight: 391 lbs
  • J-hooks Capacity: 900lbs
  • Safety Catch Capacity: 1200lbs

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