Progression Xplode Club Series PFX880 Half Cage

Progression Xplode Club Series PFX-880 Power Cage

Regular price $1,999.00

So you’re ready to move up to heavier weights but you’d like a lighter price on the safety and control of a cage.

The Progression Xplode Club Series PFX-880 Power Cage takes the weight off your shoulders and the strain off your wallet with commercial-quality features at an affordable price. You’ll get the strength of an 11-gauge steel, 3” X 3” frame that’s protected by a black powder-coated finish and cinched together with 24 mm zinc-coated hardware. It’s the strong, steady spotter you need for weight lifting workouts like presses, curls, shrugs and rows or pull-your-own-weight exercises like pull-ups, dips, hanging knee raises or hanging leg raises.

Its laser cut holes and numbers will help you immediately level your J-cup and spotter arm attachments at the proper height – where they’ll be ready when you want to hang up your bar or when you need to let it down quickly. If you do have to make a getaway drop, those brawny spotter arms will make a great catch and look no worse for it, thanks to a generous layer of scratch-resistant polyethylene coating.


Dimensions: Length: 6.5ft, Width: 4.1ft, Height: 7.75ft

Weight: 360lbs

  • 3 mm (11 gauge) steel 3” x 3” (75 x 75 mm) frame
  • 24 mm zinc coated hardware
  • One pair of J-Cups
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Laser cut holes (50mm spacing) w/numbering system
  • One pair of J-Cups
  • Inside Safety Spotter Arms Included (with surface coated in scratch-resistant poly-ethlene)
  • Must be bolted to the floor in a commercial setting

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