Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Stringers
Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Stringers

 Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Stringers

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Popeye had his spinach, Sampson had his hair, and the PFX 825 Folding Rack has an amazing pair of Progression Xplode PFX83 Wall-Mounted Vertical Stringers. Both of the powerful strips supporting the swing-out rack that supports your bench presses, squats, curls, dips, shrugs, and rows are masterpieces of safety and stability. Each Stringer’s full 59” length and 10” width is made of powder-coated 11-gauge, laser-cut steel, with formed steel brackets. This construction allows the PFX825 to spread its hefty burden over four wall studs, 16” apart.


And it’s not coming off. In each of those studs, FOUR heavy-duty lag bolts are sunk, with two bolts at the top and two at the bottom, for a total of 16 lag bolts making this already sturdy stringer unshakably secure. That’s how it holds up a 48” X 24” X 84” 11-gauge steel rack, which itself can bear the weight for a plate-loaded Olympic bar.


These Stringers are designed to work with the PFX -825 folding rack, so the holes and brackets are fully compatible. The combined structure of both products has been engineered to fold as compactly as possible against the wall of your garage, basement or workout room. The price is likewise compact – especially when you buy the stringers and the folding rack together!





59" long x 10" tall, extends 1" (depth) from mounting surface 

Additional Specifications:

  • Sold as Pair
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Construction: 11-gauge laser cut and formed steel brackets
  • Dimensions: 59" long x 10" tall, extends 1" (depth) from mounting surface
  • Finish: Black Texture Powder Coat

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