Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Folding Wall Rack
Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Folding Wall Rack

Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Folding Wall Rack

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When you’re ready to go to the wall, the wall can make it worth your while. When folded in its storage position, the Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Wall Rack intrudes less than half-a-foot on your garage, basement or home workout room space. When you’re ready to work out, it quickly opens to a depth of 24”. This wall-mounted workout station is instantly secured by solid-steel quick-release pins and supported by sturdy, 11-gauge uprights bottomed off by plastic pads to protect your floor. It’s the perfect solution for home gym enthusiasts who like the safety, control and convenience of a squat rack but lack the room or the roommate indulgence to leave one set up at all times.

This fold-away rack swings out with a deceptively light and easy feel, considering the load it can handle. Attach the two J-hooks and the PFX-825 can take the weight off your bar after sweat-inducing, muscle-building exercises like bench presses, squats, curls, shrugs, and rows. It’s rugged steel-tube construction and moisture-resistant coating can take the weight and the humidity – until you’re ready to pull the pin and tuck it in for the night.


Dimensions: 89” tall x 49.5” wide x 24” deep (25" when mounted on PFX-825 stringer)

-2 J-hooks included

-Pin secured pullup bar for quick and easy folding

Wood stringers or available Progression Xplode Club PFX-825 Stringers needed for installation. Hardware and stringers sold separately.

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