PFX83 Wall Ball Vertical Rack

PFX83 Wall Ball Vertical Rack

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Wall balls are made to test your strength when you throw them – not your balance when you trip over them.

So the Progression Xplode 10 Piece Vertical Wall Rack provides a sturdy perch that protects both you and them from unnecessary wear and tear. Taking just over 3.5 square feet of space, it can support 10 wall balls* in two neat rows of five about 5.5’ off the floor.  That puts them in easy reach of athletes, who’ll appreciate the absence of dust when making those catches. 

This stand supports medicine balls as well as wall balls. If you’ve thrown either around, you’ll appreciate the strength of high-grade steel construction and stable rungs made of 7/8” tubing made with solid 1.5 mm metal.

So if you’re looking to “tidy up” your home gym, club or fitness facility, this rack rises to the occasion.

*Wall balls not included


Dimensions: 23” W X 22” L X 65” H

Rung Spacing: 12.5” 

Material: steel

Color: Black

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