PFX Split Squat Bench

PFX Split Squat Bench

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Single leg squats have become a popular exercise for those looking to develop their quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Unlike lunges, they target one leg at a time, optimizing the impact on those targeted lower body muscle groups but also producing results in your core and calves as well.  


The Progression Xplode PFX Split Squat helps you reap these benefits while supporting the proper form, technique and posture so important to getting full value from your workout. A 20.5” foam-padded, vinyl-wrapped roller keeps your foot comfortably elevated. The roller can lock in place or free roll around an adjustable bar, which can be raised or lowered in 2” increments between 16” and 24”. All of that is built on a sturdy tubular steel frame and diamond-plated platform. It’s commercial-grade equipment engineered to be a compact and lightweight addition to your home gym.  


Strong and easy to adjust, this split squat lends itself to a variety of effective lower body exercises, including Bulgarian split squats, prisoner extensions as well as single leg shoulder and feet elevated hip thrusters. Set the right height and you can blast your quads with alternating split lunges and pistol squats. Introduce a dumbbell, kettlebell or other weight to the equation to strengthen your entire posterior chain – hamstrings, glutes and lower back - with single-leg Romanian deadlifts. Strength and variation are just two of the benefits. Runners and other athletes will also appreciate the improved balanced, flexibility and speed these exercises yield.  



Product Dimensions: 33” X 9” X 28”

Size: 30” X 24” X 20”

Item Weight: 33 lbs

Colour: Black

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