Progression Xplode Paralette Bars
Progression Xplode Paralette Bars

Progression Xplode Paralette Bars

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Get a gymnast’s body the way the gymnasts do. Progression Xplode Paralette Bars allow you to discover why this gymnastic training method is transcending its sport and sculpting lean, muscular bodies in homes and gyms everywhere.


Parallette bars work the same way as the dip bars and push-up bars in your local gym do, except they’re lower to the ground and lower in price – making them a natural choice for home fitness enthusiasts. They’re also ideal for beginners, who can build strength and master balance and body control through a wide range of progressively challenging exercises – push-ups, dips, tuck holds, L-sits, planches and more. Those gradual calisthenic movements and patiently held poses pay off in a stronger core, trimmer physique and the kind of muscle group development and control that can make you a star athlete in any sport.


These parallette bars are built to support your full weight on two small points of contact. Their sturdy u-shaped handles are secured with watertight welds and titanium hex bolts. Moisture-resistant powder coating overall ensures the longevity of durable 11-gauge steel construction.



14” height X 25” length X 13.5” width

U-shaped handle diameter: 1.5”


Weight: 32 lbs (for two)


Colour: Black

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