MD Buddy Weighted Training Bag - NEW
MD Buddy Weighted Training Bag - NEW
MD Buddy Weighted Training Bag - Discontinued

MD Buddy Weighted Training Bag

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If traditional weights aren’t your bag, grab these by the handles. MD Buddy Weighted Training Bags bring a lot more to your functional circuit training than just sand. Their solid but flexible shape naturally boosts your motor control and recruitment of your stabilizer and core muscles. A wide variety of athletes – from strongmen to martial artists – have hefted sand-filled, log-shaped weights to build agility, strength and endurance.   

These particular bags feature industrial-strength vinyl material and an even-weighted design. Multiple handholds give you optimal position and grip for compound lifts, lunges, presses, throws, balance training and many more exercises. They’re perfect for your home gym but also rugged enough to take outdoors. Leak-proof double-stitching and multiple membranes keep every grain of sand inside, so if you want your workouts to get easier, you’ll just have to get stronger – and you will.  

*Bags are not warrantied for slamming. But our slam balls are! 


    • Industrial-grade PVC cover 
    • Heavy Duty Nylon Strapping 
    • Even weight distribution design 
    • Easy to clean material 


    • Length: 21.5” 
    • Diameter: 8.5”  
    • Weight:  5, 10, 15 and 20 KG 

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