MD Buddy Grey Urethane Balance Pad

MD Buddy Grey Urethane Balance Pad

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Strengthen your core and protect your back with the MD Buddy balance pad. The pad's destabilizing, soft surface causes your body to activate your back, core and other muscles to keep balance.            

Just by standing on the pad for 10 minutes per day, you can improve motor skills and challenge those tiny stabilizing muscles in your lower body.      

Also recommended by physios for recovery of leg/ankle/foot sprains, fractures and injuries in a safe manner.   

The MD Buddy balance pad is manufactured with urethane instead of a rubber compound, meaning it is odourless and preferred in public settings where clients may have smell sensitivities.


  • Made of odor neutral, Poly Urethane material  
  • 15.5"x19.5" and 2" Thick

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