MD Buddy Deadlift Shrug Bar (5ft)
MD Buddy Deadlift Shrug Bar (5ft)

MD Buddy Deadlift Shrug Bar (56")

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Believed to be the best power lift exercise on the planet. This style of dead lifting reduces your chance of injury as it forces the proper formation during exercise.

Also referred to as an Olympic Hex Bar or trap bar, the hexagonal shape was designed to centre the body and reduce stress on the lower back. The Deadlift chrome bar is made from high quality steel, with precision handle placement of the high hex bar and regular hex bar. A Hex Bar is meant for traditional deadlifts, squats, shrugs and power pulls. Raised handles are knurled, allowing for easy pick-up while reducing strain on your hands and back.

This 56” long bar with 10” sleeve gives athletes the ability to add plenty of additional weight for desired intensity. Perfect for strengthening and toning legs, back, stomach and arms.



  • Weight of Chrome Bar: 25 kg
  • Lift capacity: 1000 lbs
  • 56” long with 10” sleeve
  • Knurled Grip

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