MD Buddy Contoured Foam Squat Pad
MD Buddy Contoured Foam Squat Pad
MD Buddy Contoured Foam Squat Pad

MD Buddy Contoured Foam Squat Pad

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Squats should be hard work, but they don’t need to be a pain in the neck.  

The MD Buddy Contoured Foam Squat Pad has that vulnerable area bordering your upper back and the base of your neck covered – cushioning the weight of your bar with 1 ¼” of high-density, closed-cell foam rubber. At 17” inches long and 3.5” in diameter, this pad is designed to envelope your bar and keep its weight evenly distributed across your shoulders. No more rolling, pinching and clunking against your tender vertebrae, causing discomfort, anxiety and possible injury.  

Its as easy to install as it is comfortable. A notch running the length of your pad allows you to quickly slide it onto your bar or smith machine. Thanks to its clamp-on design and an anti-slip matte finish, it’s made to hang on tight without the aid of straps. You can start working out immediately – keeping your mind on your form, not trying to hold your bar in the exact position that won’t cause you pain or aggravation. A 4 1/4” contour creates the perfect saddle shape for optimal stability, never offering less than ¾” inches of protection.   

The MD Buddy Contoured Foam Pad is also great for protecting you from pressure-point pain during lunges and hip thrusts. Just keep its long slit pointed away from you – preferably toward the ceiling – and enjoy your routine. When you’re done for the day, it fits perfectly into your gym bag. 



Product Weight: 0.5 lb  
Length: 17.5" 

Length of Contoured Area: 4.25"   
Diameter: 3.5"  

Thickness of Contoured Area Foam: < .75” 

Thickness of Shoulder Area Foam: 1.25” 
Material: Synthetic Foam-Rubber  
Colors: Black  

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