MD Buddy Anatomical Bar Attachments - Close Grip Neutral
MD Buddy Anatomical Bar Attachments - Close Grip Supinate
MD Buddy Anatomical Bar Attachments - Medium Grip Neutral
MD Buddy Anatomical Bar Attachments - Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

MD Buddy Anatomical Bar Attachments

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MD Buddy Anatomical Bar attachments are so revolutionary, they require some getting used to. But once you come to grips with these innovative cable-machine handles, you won’t want to let go.

All four are solidly constructed – with solid steel under a rugged, baked-on high-density rubber coating that won’t flake, chip or scratch your machine. It’s curved semi-boomerang shape and eccentric grips might look odd at first, but they’ll make perfect sense once you apply them to your landmine, T-bar row, low cable pullover, or triceps pressdown workout, not to mention a variety of curls and other strength-training exercises. The curve of the bar forms around your body, allowing you to pull those elbows back farther and reap the unexpected benefits of an expanded range of motion.

You’ll have to get used to exercising without fear of losing your grip due to sweat or fatigue – even without gloves or safety straps. You won’t need them anymore because every bar features a non-slip texture and a special handhold design that puts your hands up and over the handles for optimum grip. This design also supports two mobile grips add a muscle-building torque motion to your pulls. The pronated (palm-up, hand turning inward) and supinated (palm down, hand turning outward) grips are a mechanical advantage you can’t get from a lat bar. It creates a difference you’ll feel in your back muscles, as they’re activated in a way you might not have experienced before. You might experience a feeling that you could go after more reps, because these bars are designed to evenly distribute the effort across your hands and body, so no single finger, joint or muscle is screaming for mercy before others have even gotten into the game.

If you’re a taller user with a home cable unit, you have another pleasant novelty in store. All of the above features – secure and ergonomic hand grip, body forming shape, and increased range of motion – can add up to more pull over a shorter distance. If you’re not tall, don’t worry. With four MD Buddy Anatomical Bars to Choose from you’re sure to find the one for you.

 MD Buddy Close Grip (Supinate) Attachment

This grip targets your latissimus dorsi (lats), rhomboids, biceps, and forearm muscles. Pulling from a seated postion with a supinated thumb-and-fingers grip, you’ll straighten your posture, straighten those round shoulders and build strength and form for pull-ups. The MD Buddy Close Grip Supinate Attachment offers unique palm support that makes it much more comfortable and efficient than a standard round handle. It’s also less fatiguing because it disperses the force of your workout throughout the entire hand. That frees you to focus more on your technique than on tennis elbow and other ailments that crop up when you’re squeezing too hard and stressing your body just trying to hang on.

MD Buddy Close Grip (Neutral) Attachment

Pulling straight down with this grip from an erect seated position hits you from your foreams to your lower back, blasting your brachioradialis, brachialis, posterior deltoid, middle and lower trapezius, teres major, pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi muscles.

MD Buddy Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Attachment (38”)

This wide overhand grip benefits your biceps, shoulders and back. With your knees anchored and your back slightly arched, the bar can be pulled down in front of  or behind your neck.  You might be using only your arms, but it will show in a wider, chiseled back and greater overall lean muscle mass.

MD Buddy Medium Grip (Neutral) Attachment (22”)

A 2014 study indicates the medium grip holds a slight edge over both the narrow and wide grip when it came to activating the the biceps. And the neutral grip is great for starting your workouts as it allows you to lift the most weight.


Every MD Buddy Anatomical Bar Attachment offers:

  • Greater comfort than traditional round handles
  • The ability to concentrate on developing a specific muscle group, instead of maintaining your grip strength
  • A reliable tool for rehabilitation and in top-quality health clubs
  • A textured rubber coating that won’t damage equipment.
  • The ability to keep the wrist in an optimal position with a  partial state of flexion throughout your workout.
  •  A more efficient and less fatiguing grip position, designed to evenly distribute force throughout the hand.


  • High density, textured rubber coating
  • Steel form

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