MD Buddy 50 M Therapy Band Roll
MD Buddy 50 M Therapy Band Roll
MD Buddy 50 M Therapy Band Roll

MD Buddy 50 M Therapy Band Roll

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Roll out a long-term supply of resistance training, rehabilitation and improved health.  

Users turn to Non-Latex Professional therapy bands for injury rehabilitation, greater athletic performance and improved functional living. With eight colour-coded levels of resistance, they make measuring therapeutic progress and achieving fitness goals easy, straightforward and rewarding.  

Unlike other options, therapy bands use as little latex as possible, making them the preferred resistance therapy option of hospitals and other facilities protecting patients, residents and visitors from allergic reactions to rubber made from plant sources. Even those without allergies appreciate the absence of scents and powders associated with latex.  

Therapy bands are also popular with home users and those who often travel. They’re easy to use, low-impact, portable and a convenient alternative to weights and weight machines, which won’t fit easily into a hotel room. You need only the space to stretch, testing and building your strength against the natural resistance of elastic materials. Not only will you get stronger, you’ll improve your flexibility and range of motion. 

If you’re a serious resistance band user, this 50-meter roll provides a substantial saving over buying individual 6’ lengths. It’s easy to cut off the length you need, when you need it. All that’s required is a good pair of scissors.   


Item Weight: 5.5 lbs

Parcel Dimensions: 7” X7” X6 

Roll Width: 6” 

Roll Diameter: 7” 

Colour: Blue 

Size: 150’ 

Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs

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