MD Buddy 10-piece Medicine Ball Rack

MD Buddy 10-piece Medicine Ball Rack

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It’s a tower of power. Constructed of heavy-duty welded steel, this MD Buddy Rack holds up to 10 medicine balls weighing from four to 30 lbs. It’s a vertical storage solution built for safety, cleanliness, convenience and ease of organization - standing tall, strong and upright to save space (and some of the stooping) in any fitness club or home gym. Its dual-sided, tree-like configuration allows athletes to grab medicine balls from either side. When the workout’s done, this elevated holder provides a dust-free storage alternative to leaving your equipment on the floor – preventing the dangerous tripping hazard heavy medicine balls can pose.

Medicine balls sold separately.


Dimensions: 62” X 15.75” X 10.25” 

Packing: 1 piece/carton 

Product weight: 37.5 lbs 

Product and package weight: 41 lbs 

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