Xebex Wall-Mounted Folding Rack
Xebex Wall-Mounted Folding Rack

Xebex Wall-Mounted Folding Rack

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Make short work of pre-workout setup and compact storage after you're done exercising.

The Xebex Wall-Mounted Folding Rack saves you time and space with its compact foldaway design and quick pin/hinge system. In no time, this rack swings out to extend 25" from your wall - providing plenty of room for kipping movements. Don't be afraid to do some swinging yourself. With 11-gauge 3" X 3" uprights, this sturdy, stable rig is ready to handle all you can throw at it. No need to spare much energy for folding your rack at the end of your workout. It folds as easy as it unfolds - intruding very little on your space when in storage.

NOTE: Flaman Fitness does not recommend installing the folding rack in any area without additional support from studs, lag screws or stingers. Always be sure to check the rack for stably secured before additional use.



3” x 3" 11-Gauge Tubing with UMHW Plastic on feet
- Holes on all 4 sides
- Fully Retractable Wall-Mount Rack and Pull-Up Bar
- 25" Depth, 92" Height

- 2x  J-Cups
- 2x Folding Rack 3" x 3" Uprights with UMHW Plastic on feet
- 1x Adjustable Pull-Up Bar
- 4x Mounting Brackets
- 4x CrossBars that attach upright to Mounting Brackets
- 6x Quick Pins
- Stringers and mounting hardware not included.

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