Cassandra Orr, Owner of JK Fitness and Wellness Centre from Vulcan, Alberta, came to Flaman Fitness Lethbridge with a dream of owning her own gym. Cassandra and Flaman Fitness Lethbridge worked together to turn that dream into a reality. She put her trust into Flaman Fitness in supplying her with the quality fitness equipment she needed, and they have built a strong relationship and will work together much more in the future.


Nigel Atwood at Flaman Fitness in Lethbridge is by far the best fitness equipment salesman that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I recently opened a small fitness centre in Vulcan AB, and Nigel made the whole process so easy and completely stress free. He took the time to make me multiple different quotes with thorough breakdowns and details about every piece of equipment that I was interested in. (You could tell a lot of time went into making them). He replied to my emails right away and was always on top of answering my questions in a quick and timely manner. This was very reassuring being a new business owner who had a lot on the line.

When I stopped by the FLAMAN FITNESS store Nigel took time out of his busy day to walk around and show me some of the pieces that he had quoted me. The store itself is very clean and well kept. As a person Nigel is a stand-up individual, and it definitely shines through in regards to how he treats his customers. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone who is buying new equipment to stop in and see him. You will not regret it.

Cassandra Orr - Owner of JK Fitness and Wellness Centre